Acrylic on Canvas, varnished

8 inches x 11 inches

For sale at £250, starting price. Contact for purchase.

This painting was created using Jackson’s Studio Acrylic paint and varnished with Liquidtex Gloss Varnish. It is approximately 8 inches wide and 11 inches tall (Letter size).

The painting depicts Kermit The Frog in an iconic pose, which was transformed into a meme on the internet. I chose to paint Kermit The Frog for my Youtube channel series POST-MODERN PAINTING. Taking an iconic image in pop-culture is an act of post-modernism through the act of reclaiming the image of Kermit in painting form and post-internet through transforming a digital meme into a physical painting.

The painting took approximately 6 days to complete, 6 hours per day.

Also seen in:

  • “POST-MODERN PAINTING”, film, 2020
  • Belper Town Market, 08/08/2020