Lumen Award 2021 Submission

“In the name of all things material” (2020), 7 minutes, digital film.

“In the name of all things material”, 7 minutes, film, presented on Acer 1995 Monitor and Genius speakers.

7 Minute Film; Found archival digital footage and photographs, Adobe Premiere Pro (2020). Presented on Acer 1995 Monitor and Genius Speakers.

Artwork Description:

The 7-minute film “In the name of all things material” (2020) is a narrative video weaving and collage, constructing a linear narrative of commercialised technology, from the 1980s to 2020, telling through the commercials of the products. This is demonstrated by linking ancient mythology in relation to technology and the power of knowledge to capitalism in the technology industry and the rise in e-waste/technology-related waste. This is told through a cynical, anxious narrator and atmosphere as the world becomes all-consuming and daunting when the film ends in 2020 with waste overflowing, time ticking and HAL-9000, who announces that this waste “wasn’t really our fault”. This is often cited to comfort the average consumer, but it is our fault the world has fallen into a state of disrepair. We have all contributed to the downfall as a community. It is more people’s faults than others, but we have shared accountability nevertheless. This is satirised through the use of commercials, as this downfall has come as a result of capitalism and commercials represent a conversation of guilt – the producer of the commercial is to blame but so is the consumer.

The film is presented on an Acer 1995 Monitor and 1995 Genius Speakers, saved and repurposed from old work offices and stored in a loft for over 15 years. They were kept as they still worked and to prevent them from ending up in a landfill. This reflects my practice as the film created critiques the act of throwing away working technology and planned obsolescence and aids as a demonstration of why to keep technology you have “evolved” from.