Oddball Space: Artist of the Week

Work Statement: 

My practice focuses on technology and the dark, under-explored topics that accompany that symbiotic relationship. The reliance has resulted in an abundance of waste and obsolescence as we continue to consume, but it has also altered the perception of ourselves as we have become assimilated, which my current project addresses through a post-human, post-digital lens. I explore this through a plethora of processes, materials, and experimentation, by learning from the successes and failures and applying those lessons to my work.  This fragmented process contributes to the fragmented realities I create in each piece, which reflects the fragmented reality of Cyberspace that we live and operate in. 

“In Symbiosis” (2021)

Multi-Media: acrylic paint, acrylic pens, tights, acetate, printer paper on Canvas

100 x 100 cm

“Artifact #1” (2020)

VHS Tape Box Plaster Cast

19 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm

“Untitled (Childhood Bestfriend)” (2021)

Acrylic paint on Router

15 cm x 8 cm x 2cm

“Mainframe” (2020)

Weaving: VHS Tape, Ticker tape and Cellotape

Installed with Magnets

7ft x 3ft

 “Into the Jaws of Death” (2021),

Coated Paper, Fabric Scraps and Acrylic Paint on Canvas,

Canvas: 80cm x 60cm