Final outcome

where is the utopia i was promised?


“where is the utopia I was promised?”, Film, 23 minutes.





Flicking through the projection of the book

These images show multiple options for the presentation of the work:

1: Lo-Fi Projection of film

2: Lo-Fi Projection of book (Audience will flick through using a laptop)

3: Film streaming among multiple tabs. (In this presentation I would allow the audience to add to a Padlet to add their thoughts, memories, anecdotes to surrender the work over the audience as this work has been artist-oriented until now)

4-5: Normal streaming of film (Lights on/off)

6: Published Book

Work in action:

Fortunate (2021), Fortune cookie fortune and ink on paper, A4.

This piece, used for the front cover of the publication, was also featured in Oddball Space’s A4 exhibition. It was installed, in Digbeth as a poster, by Jacob Carter et al. I was interviewed by Jacob about the piece as a highlight for the exhibition.


Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport, Teletubbies, Nursery Rhymes, 1998 (VHS)

Anthony Rizzo, Duck and Cover, 1952

BBC One, 24 News, September 11th 2001 (various British news coverage of 9/11)

Dave Fleischer, Betty Boop’s Big Boss, 1933

Dr. Saul Dushman, Dr. Roman Smoluchowski, Dr.  David Harker, The Principles of Electricity, 1945

Elizabeth Meriwether, New Girl, 2011-2018

Harry O. Hoyt, The Lost World, 1925

Jam Handy Organisation, Reel American Wonderful World, 1959

James Cameron, Titantic, 1997

Matt Groenig, The Simpsons Shorts, on The Tracey Ullman Show, 1987 – 1989 (various used)

NASA, various gifs.

Otmar Gutmann and Erika Brueggemann, Pingu, 1990-1991

Roland Emmerich, 2012, 2009

Roland Emmerich, Day After Tomorrow, 2004

Various VHS collection tapes used of American media

Will Brenton and Iain Lauchlan, The Tweenies, Grumpy Max, April 9 2000

Many of these texts are not from the era of 2001-2012 to reference the influence of previous generations of childhood and most children will not grow up consuming only the media of their time.