Project Development

Transcript of a conversation with a friend, 2022, Transcript.

madeleine washbrook, November ruminations, 2022, prose.

madeleine washbrook, The Modern Monster (development writing), 2022, prose.

Madeleine washbrook, What is a Monster? (15 questions), 2022, prose.

madeleine washbrook, monster / creature, 2022, prose

madeleine washbrook, untitled (development writing), 2022, prose.

madeleine washbrook, Miro Rhizome, 2022.

Development of Publication Aesthetics:

Iteration 1:

Too bright, doesn’t relate to aesthetics, trying to utilise colours of worm and typical femininity but not right.

Iteration 2:

Same issues as first but the ashy pink of worms works well. The form of the worms is too fake.

Iteration 3:

In the right direction but the use of abject and aesthetics and change of the worm form would work better.

Iteration 4:

Change of the worm form works better, but it is too bland and safe.

Iteration 5:

Developing in the right direction, but the pink is counterproductive to the abjection.

Final Iteration:

Utilises abjection well, brings the writing into the design with the blood, the image of actual blood in the background brings develop, and the abstract worm shape rising from the blood brings an abject quality to the worm that was not there before.